Freelance Commercial & Editorial Photographer, Video Producer

Born in a small town in India and earning a Masters in Computers in 2003, Hariharan moved to USA in 2008 and began study in Professional Photography, earning his Masters in 2011. Former ASMP member, currently based out of Charlotte, NC.

Always a freelance commercial & editorial photographer, Hariharan worked under contract for several ad agencies in Texas, commissioned to do commercial, corporate, fashion and journal work, and became a member of the prestigious American Society of Media Photographers organization. Driven by a passion for visual story telling, he developed skills in video production, editing, color grading etc., leading to a contract for his first remix music video, a rendition of Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison, performed by Jason James in Worcester, MA. With a great response to the work, he moved on to commercial projects for large corporations including a video showcase of mobile technology services, and a commercial for a American-made custom furniture company. His work has been published online, in magazines, on television, and also includes a student interview article for the New York Institute of Photography. He has worked on a personal project for several years photographing his children, and is a well known photographer for his 360 virtual tours in America. He currently lives in Charlotte with his wife and family, continuing to do commissioned work..


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